2017 Performers Questionaire

Hey there, sexy. We're so glad that you'll be coming to Memphis and we're excited to have you share your talents with our audiences. Please fill out the form below so that we can make sure your visit to Memphis is the best it can be. We have some exciting new things this year, like: tours of some awesome Memphis attractions like Stax and the National Civil Right Museum, super inexpensive accommodations at Pilgrim House, transportation (guys we got a passenger van to get you to and from shows), and Barbecue and Chicken and coffee and, and, and...

We are so excited to see you! 

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We have accommodations arranged for performers, at a rate of $10/night. If you check yes, we will contact you details.
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We have the opportunity for you to visit the Stax Records (Friday) and National Civil Rights Museum (Saturday). Let us know what you might be interested in:
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