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Below is a survey laying out what theme shows and activities we have lined up for the 2018 festival March 8-11.

Comic's Name *
Comic's Name
2018 Themeshows
Please answer all of the following based on your level on interest in the show. This will provide us with the right amount of information to place everyone in the right show throughout the festival.
420 Show *
The 420 showcase is a secret. You shouldn’t even be talking about it. It starts at 420, and there may be baked goods, that’s all you’re getting. This is an Improv Jam format. (Friday, March 9th)
God Hates Improv
Run by our local Improv group, God Hates Improv, is an opportunity for any comics to join with their team and have some fun off the top of your hat. (Friday, March 9th)
Black Nerd Power Comedy Hour *
The Black Nerd Power Comedy Hour is the premier place to see amazing material from the funniest people of color around the country. (Friday, March 9th)
Strip Joker *
Strip Joker features a roster of stand-up comics who are willing to bare it all in the spirit of totally vulnerable, inclusive, and uncensored comedy. Backed by Chicago’s own guerrilla art movement, the “You Are Beautiful Campaign.” Strip Joker presents stand-up comedians revealing their candid stories about nudity, and also getting nude themselves. (Friday, March 9th)
Gimme Props
This show pairs audience participation with stand-up comedy. An audience member selects a prop or outfit and the comedians have to tailor their set to incorporate it. If the comic cannot do it they have to spend time in the doghouse on stage. (Saturday, March 10th)
Character Assassanation *
Classic roasts of historical figures, fictional figures, or even places. (Saturday, March 10th)
You Look Like *
A showcase of spite, a battle of bitchery, a competition of “OH HELL NO.” Watch the quickest wits from all over the country talk shit in this fast-paced shade storm like nothing you’ve ever seen. (Saturday, March 10th)
While you are in Memphis...
We would like to provide you with the best experience possible while you are in Memphis with us. To keep that promise please fill out the following questions about the field trips we have lined up.
$20 Headshot Photography *
Memphis Comedy Festival provides a photographer who is willing to provide a number of headshots for just $20!
Civil Rights Museum *
When it comes to civil rights, it’s important not only to learn about historical milestones but also to interpret them in a way that can be applied to today’s challenges. Through multi-sensory and multi-media innovations, historical artifacts and structures, events, speakers and online resources, the National Civil Rights Museum champions educational programming and offers visitors a full immersion experience. For more information on the Civil Rights Museum please visit:
Wiseacre Brewery Tour *
Join us for a tour of our brewery that includes WISEACRE history, beer history, the science behind the ingredients and processes involved in making great beer. For more information on Wiseacre Brewing Co. visit:
We have a number of local friendships in town one of them being a relationship with The OAM Network, an independent podcast network, who is willing to record some live episodes.

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