Everything you need to know


Everything you need to know


Memphis Comedy Festival VIP Pass


This pass gets you access to all ticketed shows (including the Headliner Show with Lizz Winstead) for the 2018 Memphis Comedy Festival and gives you the opportunity to be say that you are a supporter of comedy arts in Memphis, which is pretty awesome!

Featured shows include: Showcase Stand-Up, Themeshows, Improv, and so much, much more!

Memphis Comedy Festival Show Pass


This Pass gives you access to all events and shows at the 2018 Memphis Comedy Festival, including: Featured and Thematic Shows, and all Showcases.

******The "Everything But" Festival Pass does not include the Headliner show with Lizz Winstead*****

Memphis Comedy Festival | Opening Showcase

Opening Showcase

Hosted by Nathan Hiller

Memphis Comedy Festival | 420 Show

420 Show

The 420 showcase is a secret. You shouldn't even be talking about it. It starts at 420, and there may be baked goods, that's all you're getting.

Hosted by Richard Douglas Jones


God Hates Improv

Improvisational comedy brought to you by Memphis' local Improv and a handful of 2018 performers.

Hosted by John Hancock


Friday Showcase

Memphis Comedy Festival | Black Nerd Power Hour

Black Nerd


Power Hour

The Black Nerd Power Comedy Hour is the premier place to see amazing material from the funniest people of color around the country.

Hosted By Richard Douglas Jones

Memphis Comedy Festival | Strip Joker

Strip Joker

Strip Joker features a roster of stand-up comics who are willing to bare it all in the spirit of totally vulnerable, inclusive, and uncensored comedy. Backed by Chicago's own guerrilla art movement, the “You Are Beautiful Campaign." Strip Joker will be presenting Memphis Comedy Festival's finest stand-up comedians and revealing their candid stories about nudity, and also getting nude themselves.

Memphis Comedy Festival | Saturday Showcase 1

Saturday Showcase 1

Memphis Comedy Festival | Gimme Props

Gimme Props

This new show pairs audience participation with standup comedy. An audience member selects a prop or outfit and the comedians have to tailor their set to incorporate it. If the comic cannot do it they have to spend time in the doghouse.

Hosted By Mark Brimble

Memphis Comedy Festival | Saturday Showcase 2

Saturday Showcase 2

Memphis Comedy Festival | Character Assassination

Character Assassination

Memphis Comedy Festival is bringing Character Assassination a comedy show rooted in fictional and historical roasts, with homes in Louisville, KY, and Chicago, IL.

Memphis Comedy Festival | Saturday Showcase 3

Saturday Showcase 3

Memphis Comedy Festival 2018 | Headliner Show Lizz Winstead

Headliner Show


MCF gives you Lizz Winstead! 

Comedian, co-creator of The Daily Show, co-founder of Air America Radio, HuffPost contributor, and warrior of lady parts, Lizz is a force you DO NOT want to miss.

Hosted By Katrina Coleman & Cole Bradley

Memphis Comedy Festival | You Look Like

You Look Like

A local Memphis showcase of spite, a battle of bitchery, a competition of OH HELL NO of 6 comics battling for the crown. Watch the quickest wits from this year's festival talk mad shit.

Hosted By Katrina Coleman

Memphis Comedy Festival | Don't Be Afraid

Don't Be Afraid

Don’t Be Afraid of the Comedy Memphis is the longest running Memphis comedy showcase. It’s a show where comedians can come and do the material they want to do.

Hosted by Josh McLane & Kyle Kordsmeir

2018 Comedians

2018 Comedians

Lizz Winstead


Lizz Winstead has built her amazing career hilariously responding to the world. As co-creator and head writer of Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show,” Winstead has forever changed the way people get their news. As co-founder of Air America Radio, she laid the foundation for such personalities as Al Franken and Marc Maron, all while hosting her own show called “Unfiltered”, sharing the mic every morning with the amazing Rachel Maddow and Hip Hop legend, Chuck D. As a stand-up she continues to tour, bringing her rapid response brand of comedy to theatres across the country and in 2014, was initiated into the Harvard Lampoon.

Winstead has now taken her satirical brilliance one step further, combining it with her passion for reproductive justice to form her latest passion project, Lady Parts Justice, a non profit organization made up of comedians, writers and technologists creating videos that use humor and outrage to expose sexist, anti choice local politicians in all 50 state legislatures while providing support to clinics around the country, working to remove the stigma around abortion.






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